Custom IKEA™ Cabinet Doors

Do it yourself with custom doors made for IKEA cabinets. Built to your specifications and delivered to your doorstep. A designer curated selection at DIY prices.

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Custom Doors for IKEA Cabinets

We design and build custom IKEA cabinet fronts and panels in any style you can imagine. Sektion, Akurum, Besta, Pax or Godmorgan, you name it we can customize it. Very affordable & very easy to install.

We simply offer the best Designer curated selection of custom laminate, veneer, acrylic, painted, and aluminum frame doors, drawer fronts, and panels. For our more hands-on clients we make an unfinished DIY Slab and DIY Shaker door.

Step 1

Choose your favorite door profile
screenshot of some of the custom IKEA cabinet doors in a laminate finish

Step 2

Browse and choose from the finishes offered for that style

Step 3

Contact us to order swatch samples of your favorite materials

Swatches, Material samples, and selections of doors samples.

Step 4

Send us your IKEA™ Planner for a full quote!

Custom IKEA Cabinet Doors with a douglas fir veneer finish in this modern kitchen remodel
Door Styles
Material Swatches
Inspiring Projects
Dendra Doors® designs and builds custom IKEA doors and drawers in any style you can imagine, giving you the affordability of an off-the-shelf product with all the style of a custom build.

Custom IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors

We build custom kitchen cabinet doors to pair with IKEA’s popular cabinet systems. With a ten-year warranty and high-quality Blum hardware, hinges and drawer slides, working with IKEA cabinets provides a solid foundation for any kitchen remodel. And you’ll especially love the price – when paired with our Custom IKEA Doors, a semi-custom kitchen can save up to 40% on the cost of a typical custom kitchen remodel.


Kitchen cabinet system


Vanity / Sink cabinet system


Multi-purpose cabinet / storage system


Closet and wardrobe system


Legacy kitchen cabinet system

Custom IKEA cabinet doors for modern and traditional designs

Handcrafted by experienced craftsman and shipped to your door anywhere in the USA or Canada in two weeks or less
We design and build custom doors for your IKEA cabinet system in a variety of materials, giving you a virtually unlimited style palette to work with. And we love to collaborate – our design experts are always available to help answer any questions you have about your kitchen design, door styles or materials.
We are committed to providing an full assortment of high quality, custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and panels for our client’s new homes and remodels. Is it a DIY project? We have nearly every option you can think of. Whether you need a custom sized or finished cabinet door or panel, we make it. And, if you’re a developer needing to buy custom drawers in bulk, with our pricing and quality standards we’re equipped to be your go-to custom door maker for IKEA cabinets.

How to $ave on Your IKEA Kitchen Remodel | Dendra Doors

With the economy what it is these days we are all feeling the squeeze. This might delay some construction and remodel projects, but for a lot of us it simply means coming up with creative solutions on how to save money.
Maybe you are designing a new IKEA kitchen for your home. Maybe you are doing a DIY Kitchen Remodel. We have 8 tips on how to save money on your Kitchen Project that won’t compromise the look or quality.

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How to Paint DIY IKEA Cabinet Doors | Dendra Doors

Plenty of our Clients come to us wanting unfinished, DIY doors that they can wrap or paint themselves. In this week’s blog post we go over the various ways to paint your DIY doors to completely customize your IKEA cabinets. We will also give an overview on how to refinish your existing kitchen, bathroom, office, and closet cabinets. It is undeniable that the cost of appliances, countertops, and cabinetry have gone way up over the last two years. Inspired Kitchen Design reported at the beginning of the year that due to supply chain challenges IKEA was raising it’s prices 9% across the board…

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose an IKEA Kitchen

It’s a fact that IKEA Sektion and Metod Kitchens can save you money and streamline your storage. In this post we cover the major benefits of choosing an IKEA Kitchen for your new kitchen or remodel design. Spoiler warning!!: Several of those benefits are what your friends have been telling you for years.
When considering a kitchen remodel, many people automatically think of IKEA as their go-to source. And for good reason – IKEA offers a wide range of affordable options that can easily be customized to fit your needs. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go with an IKEA kitchen, here are six reasons why you should seriously consider it…

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6 IKEA Kitchen Design and Planning Tips

Designing and Installing a custom IKEA Kitchen can be quite the undertaking. The most important stage is by far the design and project planning stage. To cut down on stress and complications we consistently compile quality advice on custom IKEA Kitchen Design. Read this week’s 6 tips on IKEA Kitchen Design and Project Planning.
Ikea Kitchens can be a great way to achieve new kitchen design at an affordable cost. However, planning is key for any custom project including your Ikea Kitchen. These 6 planning tips will help you get your dream kitchen installed correctly the first time!

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Custom Fronts for IKEA Kitchens

We recently compiled a full list of the Sektion Kitchen doors that IKEA offers. If you’ve shopped at IKEA or checked out our list you have probably realized that they doesn’t have a ton of profile and finish options. Dendra Doors spent the last 10 years curating the perfect selection of custom fronts for IKEA Kitchens. Take a look. Dendra Doors is committed to offering a very large selection of quality door profiles and finishes to customize IKEA kitchens. Where IKEA carries 17 Flat Panel thermofoil and veneer options for their Sektion and Metod Kitchen systems, we have over 150 available finishes. From SuperMatte & SmartMatte to Light or Dark Woodgrain to Gloss, Abstract, and Solid Tone Laminates…

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Custom Doors for IKEA Cabinets – Q and A | Dendra Doors

New construction and remodel projects can get expensive, time consuming, and can be very stressful without the right support. Asking the right questions is a great way to cut down on that stress. IKEA cabinets are a popular choice for kitchen remodels because they are affordable and stylish. However, if you want to customize your IKEA cabinets, you may be wondering if it is possible to get custom doors for them. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about customizing IKEA cabinets with Dendra Doors. Keep reading to learn more!

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IKEA Sektion and Pax with Dendra Doors Fronts – the Hatfield Project

Local Dendra Doors Projects give us an opportunity to get far more involved in the design and customization of IKEA cabinets. Kat walks us through the Hatfield Street project, pointing out the IKEA Sektion and Pax cabinets, the custom fronts for IKEA boxes, and the custom woodworking we did throughout the home. Check out the custom stained Veneer Floating Shelves that John Webb Construction & Design had us make for the project.

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IKEA Kitchen Fronts and How to Customize Them

IKEA cabinetry is based on many decades of inspired kitchen design. They have created remarkably affordable and stylish options for homeowners worldwide. Though, they lean a bit more towards form, function, and affordability, which means they don’t really have a ton of options.
We’ve created a list of what cabinet doors and panels IKEA currently offers, and the finish options that are available. From there you can determine whether or not you will want custom fronts for your Sektion, Pax, Besta, or Godmorgon units.

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14 Tips for Using the IKEA Kitchen Planner | Dendra Doors

The IKEA kitchen planner is a popular online tool that allows you to design your own kitchen. It’s easy to use, and there are a number of features that can help you create the perfect space for your needs. In this post, we will share 14 tips for using the IKEA kitchen planner tool. Keep reading to learn more.

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4 Brilliant IKEA Hacks | Dendra Doors

Why become an IKEA Hacker? For plenty of folks ordering custom cabinet doors for IKEA boxes is just the beginning. These folks have already answered the question Can you replace cabinet doors without replacing cabinets? Yes! The conveniently standardized and distributed, reliable quality and well-warrantied IKEA cabinets are the perfect starting point.

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the Truth About IKEA Sektion Kitchens | Dendra Doors

When you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, IKEA is probably one of the first places you’ll look. After all, their Sektion kitchens are affordable and stylish. In this blog post we’ll tell you the truth about IKEA Sektion kitchens and help you make the most informed decision possible.

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Are Shaker Cabinet Doors Outdated? | Dendra Doors

There are a LOT of different shaker style doors you could use for your IKEA kitchen remodel, but is it possible that they are too dated? Some IKEA Kitchen Designers and Installers will insist that they are a trusted standard for a reason. We’ll take a look a closer look at the history of Shaker cabinet doors, modern shaker door finishes, and contemplate what kinds of cabinet door profiles are actually outdated.

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Remodeling your bathroom with a custom IKEA sink cabinet gives you all the style you want while staying in keeping with your project budget. With literally hundreds of materials to choose from, you’re sure to create the custom look that defines your space.

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