6 IKEA Kitchen Design and Planning Tips

Designing and Installing a custom IKEA Kitchen can be quite the undertaking. The most important stage is by far the design and project planning stage. To cut down on stress and complications we consistently compile quality advice on custom IKEA Kitchen Design. Read this week’s 6 tips on IKEA Kitchen Design and Project Planning.

Warm Up Your IKEA Kitchen Design

Custom Veneer doors for IKEA cabinets can take your kitchen design from nice to Wow. Selectively adding veneer fronts to your taller Sektion or Pax cabinets while leaving the rest laminate, can provide the splash of warmth your custom IKEA Kitchen design needs.

This same effect can be achieved with your Sektion Base Cabinets used for a Kitchen Island. Of course, with all the Light and Dark Woodgrain Laminate finishes that Dendra Doors offers, you can achieve that same look without breaking your Kitchen budget.

Classy Sektion Designs and Deco Trim

In addition to customizing your Sektion Kitchen with custom profiles and finishes, you can add an extra touch of class with Deco Trim. There are several options that homeowners often don’t consider until they are working with a Designer:

For Sektion Wall Cabinets, to button up the look you’ve selected you can install flat, under-cabinet deco trim. Full under-cabinet cover panels create an extra dimension to the finished look of a kitchen.

Standing Deco Trim is the most common and best if you plan to install LED light strips under your Sektion Wall cabinets. For this design the Cover Panels extend to be flush with the custom Deco Trim.

Flat Deco Trim pieces to cap Sektion Wall Cabinets is one of the less obvious finishing touches. Often this part of the cabinet is so far out of the average person’s eye line that it’s rarely a consideration. Though, as you can see it truly does look finished. Sektion Wall Cabinets with a top Cover Panel is far easier to clean.

SEKTION Kitchen Island Design

Adding or removing a Kitchen Island will completely change traffic flow and functionality of a kitchen. When you add an Island you are adding several IKEA Base Cabinets, a countertop and prep space, and providing yourself an opportunity for design accents and added function. Maybe this is where you will locate your sink or range. For Kitchen Island cabinets you can go with veneer doors or custom painted doors for your IKEA cabinets.

If you are choosing to remove a kitchen island and maybe going with a peninsula, your palette opportunities are similar. Usually the door profiles end on the kitchen side of the peninsula, with flat panels on the outside of the cabinets. Almost as if the design ended in the kitchen. Consider using the same or complimentary profiles on your the visible sides and backs of your peninsula cabinets.

IKEA Kitchen Remodel – Relocate Appliances

For folks that are looking to liven up their kitchen, relocating appliances can help you create a whole new Kitchen. Now, this is an undertaking that will require a certain amount of professional support, but it can allow for full reconfiguration. If you are limited on space, repositioning some or all of your appliances can open up your kitchen.

When Designing or reconfiguring appliances, be aware of what is called the Working Triangle or Kitchen Work Triangle. Inspired Kitchen Design describes this as the zone between food prep, washing, and storage. To be able to easily navigate between your appliances, sink, and storage means your kitchen works for you. You don’t need to be a professional or even amateur Chef to need your Kitchen to have to right flow.

Work With a Designer

Working with a professional Designer means having outside eyes and years of experience that will maximize your Design. A Design won’t simply help you find the right tones and finishes, they will find creative ways of using the available space in functional ways.

Plenty of homes have cookie-cutter designs with unused elements: cabinets where things are forgotten, crowded countertops, and hard to clean spots. Working with a professional, experienced Designer will help create a Kitchen you love. You want built-in IKEA storage? How about a hidden pantry? The right Designer will make sure you to maximize your IKEA Kitchen Design.

Design, Plan and Order Early

If you have an upcoming IKEA kitchen or Bathroom project, get ahead of the rush. Supply chains have changed and not for the better. There are numerous complications to global and local material procurement that you can avoid with planning. IKEA themselves are having trouble keeping their local stores stocked because demand still outpaces supply. Across the industry lead times are still longer than normal.

Once you have designed your space and planned your project, look into ordering and storing your IKEA cabinets and custom doors. Avoid delayed shipments and rescheduling contractors by getting ahead of the hassle.

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast

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