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Our Selection of Finishes to Customize IKEA Cabinets

At Dendra Doors we go out of our way to make sure you can customize your IKEA cabinets in as many ways possible. As a result, our selection can get a bit overwhelming. On the following pages you will find all of the various types of door finishes and inserts that we offer.

Before submitting an order, please refer back to the specific Door Profile page to confirm that your preferred finish or finishes are available for that profile. We pride ourselves on curating our selection of Modern & Traditional Cabinet Doors. To achieve this we have several manufacturers producing our doors for us. When certain finishes or custom sizes aren’t available, there are usually engineering restrictions at the root cause.

Available Finishes Vary Depending On Door Profile – See Door Profile Page For Current Available Finishes List

Classic, quality, wood veneers make for some amazingly beautiful cabinetry. Whether you are putting custom fronts on an IKEA Sektion Kitchen system or you’re going fully custom, veneer fronts can deliver both modern and traditional looks. It really depends on the door profile you have chosen for your cabinetry. As long as you have chosen a quality hardwood veneer, you have chosen a durable door. What is undeniable is the texture and the stylistic depth that veneer finishes provide.

Some of the most common finishes for low and mid-budget cabinet doors are Laminate. A Laminate finish consists of multiple layers of high grade paper and rosin. The best quality version of this type of finish is called a high-pressure Laminate, or HPL. Laminate sheeting being made of paper means that if we can print it, we can put it on our doors. As the technology for printing improves, the options for elaborate laminate designs and colors increases.

Thermofoil technology is evolving and we make sure to make these modern options available to our Clients. From the ultra sleek Nanotech Matte to SuperMatte and SmartMatte finishes, we’ve got you covered. Antibacterial, these door finishes are some of the most sophisticated and durable for residential or commercial applications.

Acrylic doors have a distinct look that can be achieved in several ways. The most common types of Acrylic doors are acrylic laminate or a solid acrylic door. Acrylic wrapped doors have engineered cores, which provides the same approximate feel and durability as your other types of Laminate doors. Solid Acrylic doors, while weighing slightly less than MDF core doors, are far more durable.

Industrial? Psychedelic? One thing you can be sure of is that these Patina Metal finishes are unique. Some of these finishes offered are semi-reflective and retain some texture, after polishing. Certainly our most distinctive, high-end cabinet door finish, they make for the perfect accent-bank.Most clients that have ordered the Patina finished doors install them as custom Sektion Kitchen Islands, custom designed Pax Pantries, or other select banks of cabinets.

Painted doors are immensely popular because they are far more customizable than most other types of cabinet door finishes. Also, most people consider painted cabinet doors to be more traditional in general. And, really, you can’t argue with having any available Sherwin Williams finish for your cabinetry.

Anytime a client is contemplating painted doors, but they’re working with a limited budget, we recommend our unfinished DIY Doors. While there aren’t many unfinished door profiles available, you can put together a custom IKEA Kitchen for half the cost of most other types of doors. Of course, going the DIY route requires both confidence in your DIY skills and plenty of patience.

Available Finishes Vary Depending On Door Profile – See Door Profile Page For Current Available Finishes List