Meet The Team

Project 1797


Sales Manager/Design Consultant

How long have you been in the industry/role? I have been with Dendra Doors for about 2 years now. Previously I worked with a landscape designer so I have been in the home improvement industry for about 5 years. 
What do you love most about your job? Helping people see their dream become a reality! Often clients come to me with a Pinterest board and ideas of what they want but not how to start. I love being able to offer some insight into layouts, plans, and color options to truly create a customized, one of a kind project!
What do you do for fun outside work? Outside of work I love spending time outside in nature! Oregon is a beautiful place to live when it comes to this and gives lots of options to explore. I also enjoy gardening and growing my own food.  
Project 1777


Project Manager/Design Consultant

How long have you been in the industry/role? I have been in the construction field since 2010 and with the company since 2014 as a Project Manager and Design Consultant. Prior to my current position I held a management role for a professional motorsports organization for 8 years. 
What do you love most about your job? I enjoy being able to be a part of each project from start to finish and seeing how they evolve from the initial phone call or email with a client, to the design phase factoring out what may or may not work, and seeing the completed project from the client. Each project that we complete is unique and as a design/build firm (John Webb Construction & Design) we have more insight on how to give each project that extra detail giving it a designer look that most competitors dont think about. Doing this just creates more appeal and value to the end product, usually for the same cost which, which clients seem to highly appreciate.
What do you do for fun outside work? Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my 3 children and seeing them grow as they all take their own journey through life. As well, I enjoy dabbling in auto racing and motorsports as it has been a passion, career, and hobby of mine since I was born.
Project 1779



Dendra Doors co-founder, John Webb, has a 45 year history in Architecture, Design, and Construction, with an emphasis on energy-efficient homes that last generations. For decades John has used IKEA products in his own properties while installing hundreds of IKEA kitchens & bathrooms for his clients. As John Webb Construction & Design began focussing on mostly custom residential construction, John found that he could rely on these quality Swedish products, customizing and modifying them based on their clients needs.

“In the late aughts our construction & design company started doing all custom work, so I started doing my own custom overlays for the cabinetry: custom doors, custom panels, that go over the IKEA cabinets. They were just specialty here and there. We’re custom builders so we make everything anyway. If you can’t buy it, we make it.
With all the custom stuff that we build and design and gear towards whatever our clients need, that led to us launching Dendra Doors. A partner and I started this door company about 10 years ago where we make doors and finishes any way you can possibly imagine: from any kind of metal, wood, laminate, to the new SuperMatte laminate. The sky is the limit. Anything you can come up with, we can figure out how to do it.“