Available Sample Options

Veneer & Laminate swatches 4

Door/Drawer Front Samples

To figure out exactly what door profile(s) and finish(es) will work for your project, sometimes you just need Door Samples to properly visualize. While samples can be made in any size or finish you would want, our 3 most common sample options are:

  • Sample Box containing 8 different 6 X 6 samples in several of our most popular finish options.
  • Door Samples at 6 X 6, 12 X 12, 15 X 10, and 15 X 30.
  • Smallest Door/Drawer Front on your IKEA Planner.

Please plan ahead as door samples are made-to-order and can take several weeks to ship.

Large Laminate and Veneer Samples 2
Large Laminate and Veneer Samples VERTICLE

Laminate & Veneer Swatches

To help you through the decision making stages of your remodel or new construction project, in addition to Door Samples we can provide – FREE of charge – Laminate & Veneer Material Swatches.

Let us know what finishes you’re considering and we’ll drop your Material Swatches in standard mail the following business day.

Veneer & Laminate swatches 4

Aluminum Frame & Patina Slab Samples

Clients that order our high end aluminum frame and patina slab doors often spend more time deciding exactly what will work best for their IKEA remodel projects. This is why we have more elaborate sample kits available.

These Sample Packs would otherwise be very costly to the clients, so we loan them out to our clients and they return them once they’ve decided what aluminum frame and inserts are right for their project. 

Samples Policy

Custom material samples — shipped right to your door!

At Dendra Doors®, we understand that home renovation projects require a LOT of big decisions! We also know that with over 500 materials and 70 door styles to work with, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. We want to help you make the right choices for your home and give you absolute confidence in your decisions. That’s why we offer custom samples, made-to-order and shipped right to your door!

Since samples are made to order, each sample request takes a varying amount of time to manufacture and has a unique cost. To find out how much your sample will cost and when you can expect to receive it, please contact us for personalized assistance. Be sure to include the following information to help us determine your specific timeline and costs for custom production and shipping:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Full shipping address
  • Finish materials most interested in
  • Door styles most interested in

If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ or contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your project!

* This credit will only apply to the cost of the samples themselves and will not include sales tax amounts, associated shipping costs or any additional fees (such as non-standard material fees).

† Samples returned to Dendra Doors for a refund must be received in like-new condition. If samples are received damaged or have imperfections not reported by the customer, Dendra Doors reserves the right to alter the credit amount accordingly to less than 100%.