SH 502

The SH 502 is a textured 5-piece Shaker Style door with a flat insert that is available as an exact-fit replacement for IKEA™ cabinet systems.

  • The wrap-around laminate finish lends a modern touch to any decor.
  • From stiles and rails to the center panel, every part is meticulously color matched in a textured Laminate finish
  • Profile wrapped 5-piece construction assures true grain orientation and a uniform appearance on the face and back of components

Product Specs


Our SH 502 in Weathered Grey Oak Laminate.

CONSTRUCTION 5-piece Shaker. Profile wrapped stiles and rails. Membrane pressed flat insert panels.
FACE MATERIAL Weathered Grey Oak, Rustic Light Oak, Vintage Sepia Oak
BACK MATERIAL Matching Laminate.
CORE 3/4″ engineered core
GRAIN DIRECTION Vertical grain is standard on door insert panels. Horizontal grain is standard on drawer front insert panels.
HINGE BORING Standard 35mm cup, with or without dowel bore. Available in 3mm or 5mm distance from side edge. Standard options of 2.5″, 3.0″ or 3.625″ from top/bottom edge.
MULTI-PANELS Vertical or horizontal configurations.
DOOR | DRAWER FRONTS 7.6″ x 6″ minimum. 37″ x 96″ maximum, warranted to 37″ x 60″.
SLAB DRAWER FRONTS 3″ x 3″ minimum.
OVERLAYS 2.5″ x 6″ minimum.
FRAMES 7.6″ x 6″ minimum. 37″ x 96″ maximum, warranted to 37″ x 60″.