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Why become an IKEA Hacker? For plenty of folks ordering custom cabinet doors for IKEA boxes is just the beginning. These folks have already answered the question Can you replace cabinet doors without replacing cabinets? Yes! The conveniently standardized and distributed, reliable quality and well-warrantied IKEA cabinets are the perfect starting point.

Taking it to the next level with clever IKEA Hacks means they were able to truly customize their remodel project with IKEA Sektion, Akurum, Besta, Pax, Godmorgan, or the international versions of IKEA cabinets.

IKEA Hack - Paint – DIY or Made to Order

More and more these days folks are going with custom painted doors for their IKEA Sektion kitchens, but you don’t have to stop there. All across your home you have opportunities for quality IKEA furniture that you can fully customize how it sits within a room. Switch up your Besta, Hemnes, PAX, and Godmorgan units and go painted.

Of course, it’s important to realize that not all types and brands of paint works for cabinet doors. Through a lot of trial and error we realized that Sherwin Williams is not only perfect for IKEA replacement doors, they also have an amazing, massively expansive selection of colors.

If you can’t decide on which color would work best or you are ready & able to finish them yourself, we definitely recommend going with a DIY Slab or DIY Shaker door.

Let Go of the Rules – Mix & Match

IKEA might say that Sektion kitchens have to stay in the kitchen or that Pax units need to go in the hallway or closet. However, the most innovative designs we’ve seen is when Designers & talented DIY folks get inspired and mix & match IKEA cabinet systems.

When you have not-so-standard storage needs and/or want to create multi-use spaces in your home or shop, you can mix Besta & Pax & Sektion cabinets all day long. The standardization of IKEA cabinet sizes makes this far easier than you would imagine.

Need to fit more space in your kitchen for bulk storage? Build your pantry starting with a Pax unit and build around it.

Get Beaded – a Superstar of Custom Flat Panel Doors

One of our favorite flat panel doors for IKEA cabinets is the Beaded Slab. It has a very distinct look, especially when you alternate the grain direction. Whether you match the grain direction or alternate it, to add Beaded Slab fronts to a series of Besta or Pax cabinets is like going from 2D to 3D with your cabinet designs.

Anywhere you would think to add the IKEA BJÖRKÖVIKEN fronts, substitute them for the more subtle lines of the Beaded Slab. Place them in your Sektion Kitchen and, depending on beaded finish and other design elements, you can achieve a quite the modern or retro kitchen design.

It’s true that IKEA has a great beaded slab door known as the Sutterviken. Unfortunately, as with all IKEA cabinet fronts, their finish options and customizability is rather limiting. We go out of our way to make sure your have upwards of 90 finish options as well as the ability to alternate the bead direction.

From Solving Puzzles to a Wall of Elegant Home Storage

Whether you grew up on the classic videogame or geometry & puzzles have a way of bringing you joy, it can pay off to apply those interests to your home storage design. 

The right combination of Besta and Pax cabinets can be brought together in perfect harmony by adding IKEA Billy bookcases or add a Pax wardrobe frame. Pick the right nook or living room wall and you can create a masterpiece of form and function without breaking the bank.

IKEA Hacks and Warranties

As you get your hack on, the closer you get to altering your IKEA boxes you must keep in mind that it will void your IKEA warranty. If you are, or have hired, a skilled professional you can properly seal up your cuts and make sure you’re not shortening the lifespan of your IKEA cabinets. Meaning, you can make sure you don’t need the warranty.

The standard sizes of IKEA cabinets, as far as the warranty is concerned, is the only thing that you can’t completely customize. We have shared a few pointers, and will bring you more design ideas that help that one limitation become a non-issue.

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast

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