How to Install IKEA Cabinets – Stage 2

DIY IKEA Drawers and Doors

It really is possible to install your own IKEA kitchen cabinets. Whether you are installing original IKEA doors, drawers fronts and panels or custom IKEA fronts, the cabinet installation is the same. In a recent post we covered how to assemble and install the IKEA base cabinets and wall cabinets. In this week’s post we cover how to assemble and install IKEA Drawers and Doors.

Often clients will come to us for Veneer Shaker Slim, Laminate Shaker Slim, or Painted Shaker Slim Doors because they want more custom IKEA cabinets. Without the IKEA cabinet boxes themselves it’s difficult for them to hitting that price-point while, finding quality features like soft-closes, while also securing that coveted IKEA warranty.

Assembling IKEA Sektion Drawers

Assembling your IKEA Maximera drawers requires a little more attention to detail, than the IKEA cabinet boxes themselves. At least, making sense of the parts and sizing of each will take a little time to make sense of. Definitely refer to the instructions and diagrams for your first run through. From there you will find that IKEA drawers are very easy to assemble and install. 

Whether it is an interior Maximera drawer or a standard drawer, they are essentially just the same kit using a different configuration. If you’re limited on space you might want to assemble the drawer body – frames and bottom panel – for each cabinet or run of cabinets, then install your drawer fronts.

Assembling your Maximera drawer body is very simple. Our Quick Tips are:

  • Assemble your metal drawer frame, making sure it snaps together securely.
  • Take you drawer-bottom, groove track facing down, and slide the unfinished end to the back of the drawer until it is firmly seated.

Installing IKEA Sektion Drawer Fronts

When going to install drawer fronts on IKEA drawers it is important to pay very close attention to the diagrams for each item. Your hardware placement on the custom or original IKEA drawer front determines how everything lines up. Look closely at sticker placement and which pre-drilled holes you’re attaching your hardware to.

Tools and Installation Tip: When working with MDF, IKEA screws and hardware, make sure to not over-tighten your screws: hand tightening might take more time but it will save you a lot of stress. To use a drill will risk stripping your screws or blowing out your pre-drilled hole. This is far too easy to do.

Drawer Front Assembly Tip: When installing your IKEA Sektion drawer front, if you happen to need to disengage the drawer front hardware from your drawer body, use the screw located in the center of the bottom three ports on the drawer’s metal side-rail.

The support rod placement and it’s hardware (white plastic seat) are relative to the height of the back of the drawer. High-backed drawers will require that you place your support-rod plastic seat in the top two hardware holes.

Once the support rods are in place you will want to install your support clip on the bottom of the drawer. These clips are important to support any significant weight in the drawer. You might think, there won’t be a lot of weight in this drawer, so I don’t need the added support. Remember: These drawer bottoms are MDF and over time can weaken if not supported properly. Additionally, in the future you might reconfigure how you organize your kitchen. It’s best to make sure everything in your IKEA Kitchen is uniformly reinforced.

Note: Drawer Assembly and Installation can technically be done before you have installed your IKEA cabinet boxes. However, if you’re limited on space you might need to wait until your cabinet boxes are assembled and in place.

Installing IKEA Cabinet Drawers

The installation of the IKEA Maximera drawer runners and soft closes are relatively easy. The IKEA diagrams will show you exactly which predrilled holes to use for your drawer configuration. Once you’re at this stage in your installation, go ahead and map out where your drawer runners will be mounted and clearly mark between the predrilled holes that will be used for each drawer. Remember that the hardware will cover these marks. Take special care to not over-tighten your screws and strip out the predrilled holes.

Note: When first placing the drawer into the runners it is going to feel very clunky. Trust that these pieces of hardware will slide into place and work fine.

The support rods for your drawers are also used to adjust the placement and alignment of the drawer front. You will need use these adjusters to make sure the face of your drawer seats flush to your cabinet fronts. In time, if they are out of adjustment, normal wear and tear will damage the drawer front itself.

Installing IKEA Cabinet Doors

Whether you’re installing original IKEA doors or aftermarket custom doors, the same general process applies to your installation. And, lucky for the DIY folks, installing doors in IKEA cabinets is the easiest part of an IKEA Kitchen Installation.

Installing IKEA Cabinet Door Hardware

Refer to your IKEA diagrams as to which predrilled holes you will use when installing your hinges inside the cabinet box. Mark between the hardware holes you will be using to mount the Blum cabinet door hinges to the IKEA cabinet boxes.

Installing Blum Hinge Mounting Bracket

Install your first pieces of mounting hardware in the cabinet box before hanging the IKEA cabinet front. Place the mounting hardware where you’ve marked and use a rubber mallet to seat it securely. Then screw in the mounting hardware by hand.

Installing IKEA Cabinet Hinges

  • Lay out your door on a clean floor or table, using the deliver box to protect the face of the door.
  • With the hinge plate lifted, insert the assembly into the door’s bore hole.
  • When you’ve verified the alignment of the hardware and predrilled holes, lower the hinge plate in to expand the assembly, snuggly securing the placement of the hinge. Lift the hinge plate and screw into place.
  • Use the Quick Secure/Quick Release feature to attach the door hinge to the mounting hardware.
  • Snap your Soft Close over the Hinge Arm.
  • Install your Rubber Buttons on the outer corner of each door.

DIY IKEA Cabinet Installation

There you have it. We have gone over the basics of how to assemble and install IKEA cabinets. If these instructions make sense to you then you’re on the right track. If you kitchen remodel project is overwhelming you, give yourself more time and make sure you have all the information and support you need. Making sure your kitchen is finished correctly the first time will save you a lot of stress and money.

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Written by Todd Zimmerman

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