Stay At Home Sale – 15% Off Estimates

Slab kitchen with primary cabinet doors and fronts in Fisherman’s Wharf laminate with accent doors in Smoke acrylic

As a welcome to Spring, we’re offering 15% off estimates through the end of March. Everything is on sale. It’s that easy. Simply request a free estimate for your custom IKEA™ fronts and we’ll apply a 15% discount to every item on your list.


Already request an estimate from us this year?

If so, it’s now been discounted by 15% — just contact us and we’ll update your previous estimate for you.


Been thinking about a remodel?

Request a free estimate now and save 15% on custom cabinet fronts for the IKEA kitchen / bath remodel you’ve been planning.


Got an estimate from one of our competitors?

Send it to us — if we can match the style and materials to our mutual satisfaction, we’ll do it for 15% less than the estimate you’re holding in your hand right now.


Save 15% on Project Estimates


Custom IKEA fronts provide a perfect balance between quality, style and affordability. For a limited time, we’re making them even more affordable with 15% off everything when you send us an estimate before March 31st.


Plan your IKEA kitchen with easy-to-use tools that give you professional results.


View all of the styles and materials available for IKEA cabinet fronts.


Send us your layout and materials for a free estimate on your project.


* Estimates must be dated after December 31st, 2019 and received by Dendra Doors® by 11:59 pm on March 31st, 2020.


Tell us what you want. We’ll figure out what it takes and when we can get it there for you.


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