IKEA Kitchen Fronts and How to Customize Them

IKEA cabinetry is based on many decades of inspired kitchen design. They have created remarkably affordable and stylish options for homeowners worldwide. Though, they lean a bit more towards form, function, and affordability, that means they don’t really have a ton of door and finish options.

We’ve created a list of the Sektion doors and panels IKEA currently offers, and the finish options that are available. From there you can determine whether or not you will want custom fronts for your Sektion or Metod Kitchens.

Why IKEA? From Designers to DIY

We’ve covered this and it’s worth saying again:

IKEA kitchen cabinets are the answer for any home renovation project, especially as budgetary concerns become more common. Consumers who want to save money on their kitchen remodeling project should consider IKEA. The furniture brand is significantly cheaper than other North American brands. And, IKEA offers modern designs, durability, amazing warranties, and standardized sizes that make it easy for DIY custom front replacement.

Custom Fronts for IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Ikea offers beautiful cabinet innovations with stylish looks for any décor style – so there’s something perfect no matter what kind of space you’re building or renovating! The cabinets IKEA has designed and produced are stylish and durable. The drawback is that they have a limited number of door profiles with often just one finish option, and never more than three.

Dendra Doors was launched to build on the durability and availability of IKEA cabinets and to provide clients with more options. Some of our door profiles are the same or similar to what IKEA offers, but we make sure to provide nearly any type of finish you would want for that style of door. We also make sure to provide popular, more modern fronts like the Shaker Slim in Laminate, Veneer, and Painted options, which IKEA simply does not offer.

Now, the following list is for what IKEA offers for their SEKTION and METOD Cabinets. They do have more finish options than what is listed here, but they can only be paired with certain IKEA cabinet types. Whereas we go out of our way to make our profiles and finish options pair with as many cabinets as possible.

IKEA Flat Panel Doors

ASKERSUND – LIGHT & Dark Brown ASH Effect

The IKEA ASKERSUND collection is a beautiful, neutrally-toned flat panel option for kitchen cabinet doors. The Light Ash Effect gives your new white or black and yellow stained space some much needed warmth without being too overbearing with color! The ASKERSUND Dark Brown Ash Effect fronts are even more intriguing.

With its durable melamine foil and MDF construction, these IKEA kitchen cabinet doors are made to last. Easy to clean, durable, and stylish are features you want from your IKEA cabinet doors.


The IKEA BODARP front is a rather sleek flat panel door. The BODARD comes in a charming, warm Matte Grey-Green thermofoil that is actually made from recycled PET bottles. How’s that for forward thinking manufacturing?


The HAGGEBY flat panel door is a neutral, durable IKEA front that is rumored to be on it’s way out. With an MDF core and easy to clean white thermofoil finish we’re proud of the work the HAGGEBY has done and we’re excited to see how it’s predecessor, the VEDDINGE performs.


The IKEA HAVSTORP slab fronts are available in Beige and Turquoise. These warm thermofoil flat panel wonders have a splash of style that easy to appreciate.


Want to spice up your cupboards? Reach for the stars with this high gloss Light Turquoise JARSTA fronts! Perfect as a Retro anchor, the finish of these flat panel fronts are the splash of color you’ve been looking for. Easy to clean and durable as you’ll ever need.


Like the BODARP, the KUNNGGSBACKA Anthracite (matte black) thermofoil doors are made from recycled wood and PET bottles. That means you can enjoy a stylish and luxurious kitchen while also giving back to our environment.

This sleek Matte Black flat panel front has an undeniable charm. And the choice to name this finish Anthracite is charmingly subversive, since anthracite is the highest grade of coal.


Available in High Gloss White the IKEA RINGHULT kitchen cabinet doors will add a touch of glamour and elegance to any space. Whether you love minimalist decor with clean lines or enjoy cooking often, these bright flat panel doors can really add energy to your kitchen!


The IKEA SINARP flat panel fronts are another example of their European charm. These Dark Oak Wood Effect thermofoil slab doors go great with white walls and a white or black tile backsplash.


The UDDEVALLA kitchen concept from IKEA is designed to be written on with chalk! UDDEVALLA Anthracite fronts are a fun and easy way to personalize your kitchen. You can choose from an array of colors, or use them for keeping lists in this notebook-style file that is both functional AND beautiful! The UDDEVALLA chalkboard fronts are most often paired with VEDDINGE flat panel doors.


The IKEA VEDDINGE cabinet doors are ideal for homeowners who want to create a smooth, sleek look in their kitchens. In addition these door have lacquered finishes which make them resistant against stains and moisture.

VEDDINGE cabinet doors are available in a wonderful, pure white color that will make your kitchen look like the cleanest and best-looking one around. It appears that the VEDDINGE is replacing the HAGGEBY.


Next up there is the IKEA VOXTORP cabinet doors which are perfect for homeowners that want a sleeker more modernistic look in the kitchen. With hidden handles and easy-to open/close design these charming flat panel doors will give your home an inviting atmosphere with crisp clean lines matching perfectly with your other kitchen design elements!

VOXTORP cabinet doors are an excellent choice for those who want to create a sophisticated and luxe look with their home. The wonderful white color of these door fronts will Partner perfectly against any other hue in your decorating scheme, while also lending its simplicity well when paired together on the same pairings as shown above!

So if you’re looking for a stunning, neutral color that will match your kitchen perfectly and add an elegant touch to it then the Matte White VOXTORP cabinets are a great choice.

In a world where we are all trying to make our homes stand out from one another, it’s nice when there is still something that makes you unique. That being said – VOXTORP fronts with the Walnut Wood Effect finish will definitely bring your cooking space an air of classified excellence! The rich walnut tone creates this old-fashioned look which pairs beautifully against any modern appliances or style choices in general while also adding characterful charm during every mealtime experience.

VOXTORP fronts are also available in Dark Gray. While it’s not as neutral or subtle, this color can easily be used to bring a bolder and more intense atmosphere into your kitchen design.

IKEA Shaker Style Doors


If you’re looking for a cabinet door with character and depth, look no further than the IKEA AXSTAD doors. These Shaker style doors provide your home with some added depth while still maintaining its traditional feel. Thanks to their thermofoil finish which allows homeowners of all tastes create either modern or classic ambiance in their homes without worry about staining surfaces anytime soon!

The IKEA AXSTAD is available in Matte White, Matte Blue, and Dark Gray. Oddly enough their Matte Blue is much darker than the Dark Gray.


The rather new IKEA ENKOPING is another versatile and stylish cabinet front. The ENKOPING is a Shaker style door, but instead of traditional mitred joints the ENKOPING has a cope and stick style. The ENKOPING doors and drawer fronts are available in a White Wood Effect and a Brown Walnut Wood Effect thermofoil finish.

The ENKOPING are also available with clear Glass Inserts.


GRIMSLOV cabinet doors are a simple yet stunning example of IKEA’s modern-looking and minimalistic designs. These cabinet door features an inset face panel finished with foil detail for added appeal; it’s made from sturdy frame material that can handle moisture without compromising its impact resistance properties.

Like the ENKOPING front the GRIMSLOV is a Shaker style door with a cope and stick joint in it’s frame design. In fact, we believe the ENKOPING is replacing the GRIMSLOV.

IKEA Raised Panel Doors


The BODBYN is a bit on the traditional side, depending on the thermofoil finish you select. The IKEA BODYN is a raised panel front that can bring a simple touch to your cooking space.

BODBYN cabinet doors are the perfect way to give your kitchen that traditional, yet stylish look. With their Off-White color and creamy finish they will make it feel warm in more ways than one!

With BODBYN cabinet doors in Gray, you can create a kitchen that is much darker than the average white or cream color. But don’t worry! With matching countertops and accessories to go along with this bold look for your space; it will be sure not only impress but also delight any potential buyers looking into buying their next home

With IKEA’s BODBYN cabinet doors, you can have the bold feel of a forest in your kitchen. These Dark Green panels will give off an earthy vibe that is sure to impress anyone who comes over! Pair it up with light wood tones for more character and makeovers all around.

The BODYN does come with a clear Glass Insert with mullions, but it looks like this option will soon be discontinued.

For the ultimate traditional look there are the BODYN with Glass Insert and Crossbar.

IKEA Beaded Doors


These IKEA kitchen cabinet doors are a great choice for those who love the off-white look. Not only do they have character-oozing, vertical grooves that make your home appear more lived in but these HITTARP Off-White Lacquered finish makes it smooth and moisture resistant so you can forget all about stains!


The IKEA STENSUND are a unique flat panel front. This Beige thermofoil slab is a beaded door, but with a flat border. It stands out and has a certain appeal that we admire.

The STENSUND is also available with a Glass Insert and Mullions.

IKEA Veneer Doors


Definitely a standout cabinet front, the IKEA HASSLARP is one of a kind. A unique Herringbone Patterned Veneer can be used to pair with other veneer doors or solid colors.


IKEA LERHYTTAN Black Stained fronts are perfect for those who love rustic, minimalist or dark-on light designs. Made from MDF and an ash veneer with black stain as well they should be; carefree LERHYTTAN do not require any extra attention other than wiping down at most once per week depending on use.

The Light Grey LERHYTTAN fronts are a standout champ as well. They pop and enhance the rest of your color palette and really make your kitchen design.

Just like with the other IKEA Shaker style doors, the LERHYTTAN are available with clear Glass Inserts with Mullions.


The TORHAMN collection has you covered with a very vibrant Lacquered Natural Ash Veneer! The TORHAMN fronts boast natural tonal differences with varied grain patterns in a Shaker style front. These may not be solid wood doors, but they certainly look like they are. Fortunately, their actual design and construction make them far less susceptible to warping than solid wood cabinet fronts.

The TORHAMN fronts are also available with Glass Inserts.

IKEA Wood Doors


The FROJERED kitchen fronts are a unique IKEA cabinet door that is made out of natural Bamboo. With an integrated handles it really stands out and reflects IKEA’s European origins.


The IKEA VEDHAMN is a warm Shaker style cabinet front designed to be very welcoming. The solid Light Oak frame doors with Oak Veneer panels offer a beautiful, robust construction with subtle ornate details.

IKEA Aluminum Frame Doors


IKEA has created an innovative new door collection that will make your kitchen look like it was always meant to be this way.

The JUTIS doors are an innovative design using modern aluminum frames and glass inserts. The JUTIS fronts are available in two different colors – Black w/ Frosted Glass or White w/ Smoked Glass – to match your other design elements! The JUTIS doors are a great way to give your home a more modern, semi-formal look.

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