IKEA Sektion and Pax with Dendra Doors Fronts – the Hatfield Project

Local Dendra Doors Projects give us an opportunity to get far more involved in the design and customization of IKEA cabinets. Kat walks us through the Hatfield Street project, pointing out the IKEA Sektion and Pax cabinets, the custom fronts for IKEA boxes, and the custom woodworking we did throughout the home. Check out the custom stained Veneer Floating Shelves that John Webb Construction & Design had us make for the project.

Custom IKEA Sektion Kitchen

My name is Kat and I’m a design consultant for Dendra Doors. We specialize in doing custom door and drawer fronts for mainly IKEA cabinets. Though we also do custom projects. This project we did in conjunction with John Webb Construction & Design is a good example of both IKEA doors as well as custom doors.

One of the amazing things about this project that John did, and we loved working with him, was the built in storage that he used. He took IKEA PAX cabinets, which many people know how versatile they are in their storage, and he actually built them into the wall and framed it.

So we were able to do these custom fronts in both the glass frames as well as the drawers below. It’s our Shaker Ogee door with a White SmartMatte finish. The SmartMatte is great because it’s self-correcting – it repairs itself, it protects against fingerprints and scratches or that sort of thing. So the White SmartMatte finish goes really well with this project and adds to the quality of it.

In here for the Kitchen as standard with IKEA they used all Sektion cabinets. So, the same thing – the Shaker Ogee door with the White SmartMatte finish. So they kept with a more standard IKEA Kitchen configuration with custom fronts.

If I could direct your attention over here to the Island. This was one of our more customized things – we don’t do it very often – but we actually worked with John to create this custom color that matches both the fence and beams that he used throughout the house. It’s wood that was stained and the material was actually recycled, or repurposed wood that was given to us by the construction company, to create this island.

Adding to one of our custom features that we did on this project are the French Doors here. We used the same recycled wood that was given to us by the construction company. We then stained it and sand blasted it to match the island, the fence, and the surrounding beams in the interior and exterior of the house. So this is a very custom project but it turned out beautifully. We did all the frames and we had a glass fabricator come in and cut the glass and place it in these doors.

PAX Walk-in Closet

We didn’t do any custom doors in here, necessarily. But I wanted to talk about the PAX cabinets a little bit. We work with them pretty frequently as far as doing custom fronts for them – they’re a very versatile storage system. As you can see there are so many different options with drawers and doors and shoe storage.

A lot of people don’t even know about the possibilities of what you can do with these cabinets. I mean, it’s just limitless. And when you add a custom front to it it makes it that much more of a custom piece. So, even though IKEA is a pretty standard thing you can just customize it exactly the way that you want to do it.

Barn Doors

This is the other custom piece that we did for this project, was this sliding barn door. Along the lines of the Island and the French Doors as well, these Barn Doors are repurposed wood that we stained to match the rest of the wood in the house.

Hall Storage – Custom Fronts for Pax Cabinets

To match the other PAX cabinets: we just wanted to show, John did the same built in look for the upstairs of the house. So this is like a bonus space on the upper level where he did all these built in PAX cabinets. As you can see the other ones we’ve shown have more doors and drawers and these have just shelves. So, there’s just limitless storage throughout the house. And these are our same as the Kitchen, in the same Shaker style, the Shaker Ogee front with our White SmartMatte finish.

Hall Bath – Custom Fronts for Godmorgon and Sektion Wall Cabinets

One of the amazing things about IKEA is that they make cabinet boxes for every room. They have the Sektion boxes for the kitchen and they have the Pax boxes for storage and Closet space and they also make the Godmorgon vanity for the bathroom. In this bathroom we did Metro slab fronts with the same White SmartMatte finish to match the rest of the house – to really get that seamless look through everything. And it’s just really beautiful.

Custom Veneer Floating Shelves

Another thing at Dendra Doors that we do quite a bit for projects, are our Floating Shelves. These were super custom in that they weren’t our standard veneer. Again, they were our recycled wood that we stained to match the rest of the house. They’re super popular these days – we’re seeing more and more projects where clients are really loving this beautiful, seamless look.”

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast

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