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New construction and remodel projects can get expensive, time consuming, and can be very stressful without the right support. Asking the right questions is a great way to cut down on that stress.

IKEA cabinets are a popular choice for kitchen remodels because they are affordable and stylish. However, if you want to customize your IKEA cabinets, you may be wondering if it is possible to get custom doors for them. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about customizing IKEA cabinets with Dendra Doors. Keep reading to learn more!

Does IKEA Make a Slim Shaker Cabinet?

IKEA does not yet make a Shaker Slim cabinet door. However, IKEA does have quite a few of the more traditional Shaker style fronts. If you are looking for the more modern look of Shaker Slim doors for IKEA cabinets, you will want to consider a custom door company like Dendra Doors, SemiHandMade, ReformCPH, NieuCabinetDoors, theCabinetFace, SwedishDoorCo, SuperFront, and quite a few more companies.

(commonly called Slim Shaker, Shaker Slim, Skinny Shaker, or even Narrow Shaker)

Slim Shaker Doors for IKEA

If you are wanting Shaker Slim fronts for your IKEA cabinet boxes you will need custom fronts that fit perfectly. As you can tell from the partial list above there are quite a few custom door companies that carry at least one type of Shaker Slim door. Dendra Doors on the other hand carries a Shaker Slim Laminate with over 90 finish options, a Shaker Slim Veneer with 5 wood veneer finish options, and Shaker Slim Painted available in any Sherwin Williams color.

Does IKEA Make Custom Doors?

IKEA has quite a few mostly Flat Panel and Shaker style fronts for their cabinets. Unfortunately you are limited to the door profiles and finishes they have (check out our full list of the available IKEA Kitchen doors and finishes). But fear not! Dendra Doors has been making custom fronts for IKEA cabinets for over 8 years. We have curated a rather large selection of designer Laminate, Acrylic, Painted and DIY, Veneer, Aluminum Frame, and specialty Patina Metal doors. While IKEA and our competitors have a rather streamlined and limited selection, we offer more than 500 Door Profile and Finish options.

Can You Get Custom IKEA Cabinets?

The short answer is no. While they offer a lot of variations, IKEA has standardized cabinet sizes. However, with enough time and planning you can maximize the space that you have. If you are the DIY type you can use the IKEA Home Planner tool yourself. You can also have an IKEA Design Specialist work with you to develop your IKEA Kitchen Design. Of course, you also have the option of hiring an online IKEA project designer like Inspired Kitchen Design or a local Designer or Design/Build Firm maximize your available space.

  • IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner USA
  • IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner Canada
  • IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner Mexico

Does IKEA Make Custom Size Cabinet Doors?

IKEA has standard sized cabinets, which means IKEA cabinet door sizes are also standardized. If you are familiar with the IKEA 3D Planner tool on their website, you will know that the system doesn’t allow you to try certain size variations or placements. When you work with companies like Dendra Doors, we don’t have those limitations.

If you have an IKEA box and you want to customize the size of door for whatever the configuration, we can build them for you and make sure they fit your IKEA cabinets. Of course, it’s always recommended that you coordinate with the custom door company about such customizations early on in your process to work out the precise details.

Can IKEA Doors Be Cut Down?

IKEA doors can technically be modified. However, it is recommended that you consider custom doors that meet your needs since modifying IKEA cabinet doors or boxes will void the warranty for those items. If modification of your IKEA doors is necessary it is recommended that it be done by a skilled professional. Seal those cuts and make sure the voided warranty doesn’t turn into a “Why did I do that?” replacement order 5 years from now.

Can You Put Different Doors On IKEA Cabinets?

You can definitely put different doors on IKEA cabinets. Since IKEA has standardized cabinet sizes and a very straightforward drilling pattern it is easy to manufacture custom and replacement doors for Sektion, Pax, Besta, Godmorgon, Hemnes, and even the older IKEA cabinet lines like the Akurum kitchen system.

Can You Put New IKEA Doors On Old IKEA Cabinets?

No. The IKEA Sektion and Metod kitchen systems have different door sizing and drilling patterns compared to the Akurum and Faktum kitchen systems. However, if your Akurum cabinets are in good shape and you see no need to replace them, custom cabinet door companies like Dendra Doors can still accommodate the sizing and drilling patterns of older IKEA cabinets.

Are IKEA Cabinet Doors Interchangeable?

Unfortunately the answer is no. As we explain above the doors for IKEA Sektion and other cabinet lines won’t fit the Akurum or other cabinet products. Additionally, it’s a very complicated process to try to put the available profiles and finishes from the IKEA Sektion line on the Besta or Godmorgon cabinets. A Contractor or Designer could help you accomplish this if that is part of your design.

Of course, you have a lot more profile and finish options if you consider custom fronts for IKEA cabinets. For classic or new IKEA kitchen systems, bathroom vanities, closet or office cabinets, you definitely do have options. No matter what your project entails, Dendra Doors makes sure to accommodate your design ideas, sizing and drilling needs, with great flexibility. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen.

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