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We recently compiled a full list of the Sektion Kitchen doors that IKEA offers. If you’ve shopped at IKEA or checked out our list you have probably realized that they doesn’t have a ton of profile and finish options. Dendra Doors spent the last 10 years curating the perfect selection of custom fronts for IKEA Kitchens. Take a look.

Custom Flat Panel Fronts for IKEA Kitchens

Dendra Doors is committed to offering a very large selection of quality door profiles and finishes to customize IKEA kitchens. Where IKEA carries 17 Flat Panel thermofoil and veneer options for their Sektion and Metod Kitchen systems, we have over 150 available finishes. From SuperMatte & SmartMatte to Light or Dark Woodgrain to Gloss, Abstract, and Solid Tone Laminates.

Take our Beaded Slab front which is available in over 90 durable thermofoil finishes – including 17 SmartMatte and 4 SuperMatte finishes. Then there is our subtly ornate Jillian flat panel door with just as many finish options as the Beaded Slab. 

Our Elegante II is a more traditional, square edged laminate slab door with the same finish options as our Beaded Slab door. Our Level Fenix Nanotech Matte fronts come in 16 warm and unique matte colors that work with far more color palettes than you would think. In addition to the Elegante II and several Level doors, we carry several more custom flat panel IKEA fronts with different edge profiles. From the Turino to the Novara or Italia II.

We also carry the Metro front that is available in 20 different high quality wood veneers. From American Red Gum to Caramelized Bamboo to Cherry or Hickory, if a real wood finish on flat panel fronts is what you need for your Sektion Kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

Our Nova and our Fusion veneer flat panel fronts, with their unique edge profiles, are available in 18 veneer finishes. These are popular options for custom veneer slab doors for IKEA kitchens.

While IKEA makes one option for an acrylic kitchen door, we have two versions: We have the Decoluxe Slab in 8 standard Acrylic finishes and the Level flat panel door in either 5 Wired Acrylic or 15 warm standard Acrylic laminate finishes.

One truly amazing custom flat panel door we make for custom IKEA kitchens is the Patina Slab. It’s actually wrapped in magically aged and finished metal of varying types.

Custom Shaker Fronts for IKEA Kitchens

Shaker doors are far more versatile than people realize. You can create a traditional or modern custom IKEA kitchen depending on which Shaker profile and finish you choose. Where IKEA carries 14 versions of their Shaker Style fronts, we make sure to nearly every Shaker style door you would need to accomplish your traditional or modern look.

IKEA does not yet offer a Shaker Slim door, so Dendra Doors goes out of our way to offer it in every finish option you would want. Our Shaker Slim Laminate is available in over 90 thermofoil options, including SmartMatte and SuperMatte. Are you designing a Veneer Shaker Slim IKEA Kitchen? We’ve got you covered with 5 high quality wood veneers. If our Laminate and Veneer Shaker Slim options don’t cover it our Painted Shaker Slim door is available in any Sherwin Williams color you could want.

Then there are the Dendra Doors laminate Shaker doors to customize IKEA kitchens. With over 90 available quality laminate finishes each, there is the Shaker, Shaker Shallow, Shaker Ogee, and Shaker Wide.

Plus there are the more ornate options like the Shaker Elite, and Shaker Bevel, Shaker Louvre and the Shaker Inset. Or the Bradford, Aspen, Amesbury II, and Amesbury III. In addition to the standard mitered designs listed so far, there are also the cope and stick Shaker style Lancaster, Lancaster Elite, and Lancaster Wide.

We couldn’t just stop there. To provide more custom shaker style doors for IKEA kitchens we also carry the TM 504, TM 502, TM 500, TM 302, SH 502, SH 500 Beaded, and the SH 500.

Like with our Shaker Slim we also offer a Veneer Shaker with 5 high quality wood veneer finish options for your custom IKEA cabinet design. And, if it’s a matter of the right color, there is also the Painted Shaker which is of course available in all Sherwin Williams colors. If you need a few more angles we also make a Painted Shaker Bevel.

Custom Raised Panel Fronts for IKEA Kitchens

While raised panel doors tend to be used to achieve a traditional look, with the right finish you can surprise yourself and your guest. As you can see from the list we’ve provided, this is why IKEA offers 9 variations on the IKEA Bodyn. We know our clients require more options, which is why we provide up to 90 finish options for 8 distinctly different Raised Panel profiles.

We started with the Breckenridge, Classic, Classic II, and the ultra-ornate Manchester II, Manchester III, and Wellington. We then added to our selection the TM 403.

Custom Aluminum Frame Fronts for IKEA Kitchens

IKEA does make sure to offer a few Shaker with Glass Insert options, but they only make 2 options for their Jutis Aluminum Frame fronts. Dendra Doors makes sure to carry not just 10 different frame options, but more than 70 options for inserts and 11 finish options for the frames. From Leather style to Acrylic, Metallic to Architectural Resin, Backpainted Glass to Premium Glass or Standard Mirror Inserts, you have options.

DIY Fronts for IKEA Kitchens

As you can see we carry quite few options so our clients can design custom IKEA Kitchens. Still, sometimes our clients want to paint or wrap doors with their own materials. For that reason we carry both the DIY Slab and the DIY Shaker doors.

Custom Size Doors for IKEA Kitchens

When you go with the options IKEA provides, your ability to mix and match fronts and IKEA boxes is limited. Not only do we have an amazing selection of doors for IKEA kitchens, but they can be installed on any IKEA cabinet box. We know IKEA has quirky restrictions for their product lines, so provide the flexibility you need. If you want it we will make it for you.

Written by Todd Zimmerman

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