Top 6 Reasons to Choose an IKEA Kitchen

It’s a fact that IKEA Sektion and Metod Kitchens can save you money and streamline your storage. In this post we cover the major benefits of choosing an IKEA Kitchen for your new kitchen or remodel design. Spoiler warning!!: Several of those benefits are what your friends have been telling you for years.

When considering a kitchen remodel, many people automatically think of IKEA as their go-to source. And for good reason – IKEA offers a wide range of affordable options that can easily be customized to fit your needs. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go with an IKEA kitchen, here are six reasons why you should seriously consider it:

  1. Soft Close Hinges protect your Cabinets
  2. Drawers in Drawers gives you more Space
  3. Pull Out Drawers Streamlines your Kitchen
  4. The Cost of an IKEA Kitchen
  5. You can save a Ton when you DIY
  6. It IS possible to fully customize an IKEA Kitchen

Soft Close is Standard With IKEA

It wasn’t always the case, but these days the soft-close is standard for IKEA doors and drawers. This is one of the ways that IKEA ensures that your kitchen, bathroom, and closet storage isn’t easy to damage, earning it’s warranty.

When designing your IKEA Kitchen, there are two main hinges that you’ll use. One is the Utrusta 110° hinge which has a built-in damper and can be found in about 90% of cases as it’s soft closing style allows for easy alignment when closed up tight or loose depending on need! This particular design comes from Blum by way of Austria, making most of the IKEA cabinet hardware.

The Utrusta 153° hinge is a much more heavy duty looking piece of hardware. When you open your cabinet door, it swings out of the way so that any inner drawers won’t hit the outer door.

IKEA Drawers In Drawers

Having two drawers in one is an automatic plus. Having a tall cabinet with several drawers inside means you have opportunities to maximize the space you have. From these kinds of details it’s clear that IKEA puts a lot of time into engineering after listening to customer feedback.

Ikea drawers within drawers are a dream come true for any cook. The Ikea kitchen storage is an absolute dream because you can have drawers inside of them! It’s like having your everything right at hand. And we love how they’ve created so many organizers that fit perfectly into these lower-depth cabinets, making it easy for you to find what you need, when you need it.

IKEA Pull Out Drawers

IKEA’s spice and garbage/recycling bins are also amazingly functional and should be included in any kitchen design. The fact that you can get customized organizational features with an affordable system makes it worthwhile for those who want a more high-end form and function without having to pay top dollar.

IKEA Kitchen Cost

The cost of a durable, well-warrantied IKEA Kitchen can free up some room in your budget for other project details. According to the Remodeling Calculator to fully renovate a 10X12 Kitchen will cost you at least $26,000 to $38,000. To go with an IKEA Sektion or Metod Kitchen system will cost you around $15,000. While you can spend twice that on some good quality cabinets at most Big Box stores, you’re still not going to get the quality hardware IKEA provides with it’s cabinets.

DIY IKEA Kitchen

IKEA Cabinets are made with DIY folks in mind. For those that are so inclined you can save quite of money and hassle by installing your own IKEA cabinets. A big part of the cost savings IKEA is able to provide is due to it’s Flat Packing. Standardized Construction and cabinet sizes along with well engineered designs make IKEA cabinets easy to assemble and install. As long as you have the patience and the coordination you can save many thousands of dollars on your new or remodeled IKEA kitchen.

You Can Customize Your IKEA Kitchen

Custom Doors for IKEA Cabinets

The cost savings of buying an IKEA kitchen can mean you can expand your options on customizing them. While IKEA makes a handful of beautiful doors and drawer fronts, it’s difficult to not end up with a Sektion Kitchen that looks like an IKEA Kitchen when you stick with IKEA doors. Dendra Doors goes out of our way to provide a large selection of modern and traditional door profiles and finishes that IKEA simply doesn’t.

Customizing IKEA Cabinets for Your Space

Even though IKEA standardizes some of the sizing of their cabinets, a lot of that is actually the industry, they really do have a lot of options for your existing space. Where 20 years ago there certainly wasn’t these kinds of options, the new IKEA cabinets are all about options.

If you have unique spaces in your home that need unique storage solutions, but you’re not confident modifying your IKEA boxes, mix them up. It might be your Kitchen, but you can fill those spaces with Pax, Besta, Godmorgon, and large selection of shelving options. Think outside the box when it comes to IKEA cabinet boxes.

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast

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